Tuesday, July 15, 2014

24 before 25

We all have things we want to do in our lives. I have a grand bucket list written down somewhere in a journal somewhere (that I actually might not have any more). 
I decided to narrow some things down to accomplish in the next year. I want to do 24 specific things before I turn 25 (ew).  I turned 24 two months ago and have so far accomplished... nothing.
It's okay I still have 10 months.

My Birthday Bucket List
some are silly some are serious

1. Get my passport
2. Go somewhere I've never been before
3. Go visit Adri when she moves to Cali
4. Get in shape
5. Update my wardrobe
6. Start planning a trip to Europe
7. Get another tattoo
8. Get another ear piercing
9. Buy the Urban Decay Naked eye pallet
10. Take a make up artistry class.
11. Read 5 new books.
12. Have some money in savings.
13. Get a massage.
14. Expand my record collection
15. See a band I've never seen before
16. Spend more time downtown SLC
17. Watch a documentary
18. Exercise more than once a week.
19. Spend more time with my Grandma
20. Find a yoga and/or pilates class
21. Blog more/better
22. Cook more & eat out less
23. Go hiking somewhere new
24. Go to a movie alone

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  1. Going to a movie alone is the best liberating feeling.