Saturday, February 8, 2014

bloggity blog

I am probably the world's worst blogger.  Like, let's be honest, this blog has no real point. But, I have friends who are pretty awesome at blogging. I mean, they blog about everything. Which makes their blogs actually worth reading. Anyway, because of this, my friend Kris and I decided to have a "blog & wine" night. Basically, she could catch up on her blogging and I could drink wine and blog about something.
This just happens to be that something.

Let's just make this post about the last month or so.  Here's the last month of my life. January flew by and February seems to be going just as fast.  I'm kind of excited to load up on treats from my students this Valentine's Day. Because quite frankly, Valentine's Day sucks really bad.

January & some February in photos.

January 18th// Joshua James at Urban Lounge

Drawings from students // it looks just like me

Park City adventures with the sister
unfortunately we didn't find any famous people at Sundance

 My kitty cat. 
Lucy is adorable when she's not being crazy.

wine & blogging with Kris