Thursday, June 12, 2014



The long awaited day finally arrived...

But really, those concert tickets were on our fridge for months. It was well worth it because the original venue that these rock stars were playing at sold out. Then once they changed the venue they sold out pretty quickly again, but we were lucky.
What can I say about Haim? These 3 sisters had me hooked from the first time I heard them. Their music is catchy and so GOOD. They have a unique sound and they rock hard. They have choreographed dancing in their music videos which is a good enough reason alone to love them.

Anyway, this was probably one of the best concerts I'd been to in a while. The lovely Tennis opened for them, who I hadn't really listened to before but who Kristen loves. Needless to say, they gained a new fan.

| Tennis |
She is so adorable & talented

Then these girls stepped out onto the stage and they freakin' rocked it. I had heard from a few people that they weren't the best live, but I was really impressed. I thought they sounded great. They played hard and I love that they just don't care. They get up there and do their thing. 
Basically, they are cooler than I will ever be.

"Running If You Call My Name"

"The Wire"

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


May 7

So I had my birthday at the beginning of May. I don't know that it was particularly eventful, but it was nice. It wasn't a big deal, and I was able to spend it with people I really care about.

I got this little cutie guy. I've been wanting a record player forever and I finally got one :)

I went out to eat with these loves. They are the best, for real.

Kris (the group-selfie queen), Cait, Kristen, & Adri

BFF Adri- who just knows me too well- got me this hilarious shirt. Really though, I do love me some Dylan O'Brien (#teenwolfforever #teamstiles).  My one and only fan girl shirt.

Since Adri's birthday is just 2 days after mine, we threw each other a Birthday part together and had some friends over to celebrate. Seriously, we have such great friends that we truly love and appreciate.  We felt so much love from all of them. As per usual, our party was a great time.

tbh I don't remember taking this
but these girls are the best

I like to reflect back on the year before on my birthday. Twenty three was a pretty big year for me and I really feel like I grew up a lot. I finished college and started my career. I moved away from where I grew up. It's weird being more than 15 min. away from your family.
I actually started feeling like an adult (as much as I possibly can feel like an adult, anyway).
I've realized that sometimes it's for the best if people leave your life and to get rid of toxic people who don't make you feel good about yourself, as hard as it may be.
I realized I shouldn't compromise what I know and believe about myself and other things just to make others happy or just to make people like me.
I learned that I am tough. I can do hard things. I made it through my first year of teaching and it was pure hell at times.

I've also realized that I may be a bit too cynical. This year I want to be a more positive person and spend more time doing things that I love and that I know will make me happy. I want to work towards my goals and not have any "what-ifs."

Because, let's be honest, my 25th birthday isn't something I'm looking forward to ;) .