Friday, January 3, 2014

hello twenty fourteen

Happy New Year, everyone! You made it through another year, congratulations.
Looking back on the last year, I've realized it's definitely been a pretty big one. I made some really big changes, and have done some growing up.

| highlights of 2013 // (i like lists) |
>> student teaching
>> graduation
>> moving to SLC
>> getting a teaching job.. an actual CAREER
>> buying a new car

....damn, I'm such an adult.

I brought in the New Year with some really great friends. The three of us wandered about downtown SLC and brought in the new year at EVE at the Salt Palace. Coming from someone who has a history of pretty bad New Year's Eves, this one was actually quite spectacular. We had a few drinks, wandered around downtown, and made it just in time for the countdown--complete with fireworks.  I'd say it was one of the best New Year's Eves I've had. Thanks, ladies :)

>> all pictures taken from Kristina's phone<<

Kris & Kristen 

oh, photobombers... you suck.

Right after the countdown. Welcome to twenty fourteen

I'm really no good at keeping New Year's resolutions, but I have made some goals to {hopefully} better myself.

| goals for 2014 |
>> TRAVEL.... go to at least one place I've never been before.
>> Be more organized
>> try to find a balance between work & play
>> Exercise 3-4 times a week
>> Cook more

They seem doable enough. We shall see though. 
I wish a happy & healthy new year to you all!

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