Friday, December 12, 2014

Angus & Julia Stone

| October |

How do I begin with these two?

I have had a love for these siblings and their music for years. Julia is just an adorable, rock star that you want to be or be best friends with. Angus is just... beautiful, sexy, manly... I have loved him for so long. Besides being beautiful people, they make the most beautiful music. Seriously, just perfect. It fills your soul.

Anyway, being the horrible planner that I am, I bought my ticket and failed to see if anyone else wanted to go. So, come the week of the concert, they sold out and I had no one else to go with. But fear not! I still went. It was my first concert alone, but it was still absolutely amazing. I do wish I was able to share the perfection with another person, but I have no complaints. They killed it. And I was the closest to Angus Stone I'll ever get in my life.

Angus & Julia Stone

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