Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Break Forever

Hello, my poor, neglected blog.
After a month or so I decided to catch up on all the blogs I follow. That took like an hour. Everyone is so good at this bloggin' thing. Let's be honest though, I could never keep a diary. There'd be like two entries per year. And it would always be about some guy I liked at the moment.
But I feel that it's time for a post, since I've gone on vacation and have something to actually post about.

So, I FINALLY made it to Spring Break.
February and March are brutal. Throw in constant snow, cold, gloomy days, some seasonal effective disorder and you get sick of everyone reeeeaaallly fast. But after a couple months of counting down, it finally arrived. Spring Break. A whole 5 days of freedom. So, Adri and I hit the road.
We took off towards Vegas as soon as I got home from work and spent the night. Too tired to hit up the Vegas scene, we went to bed for an early start towards the west coast.

Let's not bring up all the "Coachella or Bust" cars we saw on the way. Next year we will be prepared. Next year we will be there.

We stayed in cute little Riverside, CA and ventured out each day in the wretched California traffic.

| Venice Beach, CA. 4/18/2014 |

| Santa Monica, CA. 4/18/2014 |

sunsets from the pier

terrifying Ferris wheel rides

| Long Beach. 4/19/2014 |

| Newport Beach, CA. 4/20/2014 |

pictures are a joke


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